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The development trend of the crane industry in the next decade

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2018/05/10 10:17
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From 2010 to 2014, China 's tower crane manufacturing industry has experienced the fastest growth for three years. In the three years, the tower crane manufacturing companies have increased from 280 to nearly 600. This is mainly due to the 4.8 trillion investment effect . By 2013, with the retreat of the 4.8 trillion investment effect , the growth of the tower crane manufacturing industry has been severely declining . It is an indisputable fact that China’s economic growth has continued to slow in the next five years. This is a good time for the country to " adjust its industrial structure and change its mode of development." The same tower crane manufacturing industry is also facing adjustments. The adjustment of the tower crane manufacturing industry will present three trends: First, the industry will accelerate the reshuffling and eliminate the inferior; second, the level of industrial modernization of the industry will increase , thereby increasing production efficiency and product quality ; Third, the concentration of the industry Will continue to increase , that is , the emergence of some large-scale production and manufacturing enterprises.