Hydraulic Lift Machine Equipment Repair and Maintenance Instructions

2019-07-12 15:30

It is necessary to inspect the wire ropes of the hydraulic lift machinery equipment for broken wires and loose strands. When installing, removing, and adjusting the turning mechanism, it is necessary to ensure that the center line of the reducer of the turning mechanism is parallel to the center line of the gear, and the meshing surface is not less than 70. %, meshing clearance should be suitable.
Hydraulic lift machinery and equipment maintenance rule s  :

1.  The brakes of various agencies should always check and adjust the clearance between brake shoes and brake wheels to ensure flexibility and reliability. On the friction surface , there should be no dirt, dirt must be washed off with gasoline or thinner  .
2.  Lubrication and hydraulic oil of various parts such as gearboxes,  gearboxes,  and external gears are performed according to the requirements in the lubrication table .
3. Attention should be paid to checking whether there are broken wires and loose strands in the wire ropes of various departments. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately. The maintenance of wire ropes should strictly comply with the provisions of GB5144-85.
4. Check the connection of the various parts of the hydraulic lift frequently and tighten it if loose. The body connection bolts should be checked for tightness when the body is stressed (rotating arms can be used to create compression). All connecting shafts must have cotter pins and must be fully opened.
5. Regularly check whether the operation of each institution is normal and whether there is noise. If any malfunction is found, it must be promptly removed.
6. When installing, disassembling and adjusting the rotary mechanism, it is necessary to ensure that the centerline of the reducer of the rotary mechanism is parallel to the centerline of the gear, and the mating surface is not less than 70%,  and the meshing clearance should be suitable. 
7. Always check all wires and cables for damage.  Should be timely dressing and replacement of the damaged part.
8. When the hydraulic lift motor is overheated , stop it in time and continue the operation after troubleshooting. The lubrication of the motor bearing should be good.
9. Each part of the brush, the contact surface should be kept clean, adjust the brush pressure, so that the contact area is not less than 50%.
10. Each control box, distribution box, etc. are often kept clean, and dust on electrical equipment is cleaned in time.
11. The opening and closing of the contacts of the trip switch of each safety device must be reliable, and the contact arc pits should be polished in time.


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