Gantry crane maintenance and repair

2019-07-12 15:29

First, lubrication

The working performance and life of the various crane mechanisms depend largely on lubrication.

During lubrication, the maintenance and lubrication of mechanical and electrical products refer to their own specifications. Lubricants should be injected once a week for carts, cranes, etc. The hoisting machine is filled with industrial gear oil (SY1172-80) 200. The oil level should be checked frequently and replenished promptly.

Second, wire rope

Should pay attention to the broken wire rope situation. If any broken wire, broken strand, or worn amount reaches the scrapping standard, the new rope should be replaced promptly.

Third, spreader

Spreaders must be checked regularly.

Fourth, pulley group

Mainly check the rope groove wear, whether the rim cracks and whether the pulley stuck on the shaft.

Fifth, the wheel

Check the rim and tread regularly, and replace the new one when the rim portion wears or cracks to 10% of the thickness.

When the difference between the diameters of the two driving wheels on the tread exceeds D/600, or if serious scars occur on the tread, the vehicle should be renewed.

Sixth, brake

Each class should be checked once.

The brake should act accurately and the pin must not be stuck. The brake shoe should fit the braking wheel correctly, and the clearance of the brake shoe should be equal when the brake is released.


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