Installation and disassembly method of internal climbing tower crane

2019-11-16 11:10

When using an internal climbing tower crane for construction, first of all, special attention should be paid to the preparation of the installation work, and a truck crane with suitable lifting performance for auxiliary installation should be selected, and its amplitude, hook height and lifting capacity should all meet the basic The need to erect internal climbing tower cranes in pits.

The installation sequence of the internal climbing tower crane is as follows: the base and foundation section of the internal climbing tower crane - climbing system. All tower body standard sections - bearing seat, slewing bearing, turntable and slewing mechanism, tower top, driver's cab - balance arm, lifting arm, balance weight. The climbing frame and related accessories can also be installed in the climbing openings of the corresponding floors before the internal climbing tower crane starts to climb.

The internal climbing tower crane consists of a tower body, a tower cap, a jib, a balance arm and a climbing mechanism, and is characterized by being installed inside a building (special bays such as elevator shafts or stairwells). The construction surface is a full circle. This is because this type of tower crane consists of an inner climbing frame, an inner climbing guide frame, a ladder, and a built-in box to form a frame climbing system; upgrade institutions. This greatly increases the operating range of the tower crane.
Compared with the attached tower crane, the internal climbing tower crane has the characteristics of large effective construction capacity, low manufacturing cost, low operating cost, high safety and small footprint of the tower crane component material warehouse. However, the base of the internal climbing tower crane is located on the body of the building, where the body needs to be reinforced, which is its shortcoming.
After the internal climbing tower crane is used, it often means that the main part of the building is completed and the interior decoration stage is entered. At this time, dismantling the tower crane and preparing for new work has become the primary duty of the tower crane driver, tower crane repairman and commanders. However, this process is also often a period of high incidence of accidents. The main reason is that the tower crane workers are slack in their thinking because of the completion of the task, and some construction personnel are not skilled in technology and do not operate according to relevant regulations.
Based on the relevant successful experience and failure lessons, the construction consulting team summed up the thirteen steps of tower crane disassembly, hoping to be helpful to the majority of tower crane practitioners.

1. Put down the hook, remove the fixed end of the lifting rope, and retract the wire rope to the reel.
2. The lifting trolley is retracted to the heel of the jib and fixed, the luffing rope is retracted to the reel, and the cable of the luffing mechanism is removed.
3. Remove the 3 balance weights.
4. Remove the boom.
5. Remove the last balance weight.
6. Remove the balance arm.
7. Disassemble the cab.
8. Remove the top of the tower.
9. Disassemble the upper turntable fixed joint and slewing mechanism.
10. Remove the lower turntable fixing joint and the slewing mechanism.
11. Demolition of the tower body: Remove the tower body according to the reverse procedure of erecting the tower body.
12. Remove the underframe of the tower crane.
13. After dismantling the tower crane components, disassemble them as required and transport them away from the site.


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